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Traditional Rice Harvest on Sado Island

Rice harvesting season on Sado is roughly between September and late October.
The rice fields in the plain between the two mountain ranges can easily be tilled using planting and combine machines, but the terraced rice fields in the mountains are too narrow for any machine to enter. So everything needs to be done the traditional way - by hand. Armed with working gloves, rain boots and small scythes, the rice farmers proceed to move through the paddies in a crouched position.
First, the rice plant bundles need to get cut at the bottom with the scythe. Then the bundles are cleanly put on the ridges between the rice paddies so that someone can tie them together using rice straw. Finally, the bundles are carried to a rack and put onto it upside-down to dry for around two weeks. Rice farmers do so to allow the nutrients to slowly descend into the rice grains, and also because sun-dried rice is just generally said to taste better than machine-dried rice.