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Visit Sado`s Gold Mine

Sado Island has a long history of gold and silver mining that came to an end when the Aikawa mine`s resources were exhausted and it became dormant in 1989. Today, one can still visit the mine and have a look at some of the intact tunnels. There are three courses: The Sôdayû Tunnel course is equipped with very realistic reenactments of mining scenes. The Dôyû Tunnel course is the one directly underneath Doyu no Warito. When coming in a group you can also book a guide (April – November). If you book the Yamashi course you get to see tunnels that were excavated 400 years ago. And due to them being untouched since at least the mid-Shôwa era there are no paved ways and lighting like in the Sôdayû Tunnel. So be prepared to become a prospector yourself going in there wearing a helmet, rain boots, and torch lights.


Opening hours:

open year-round

8:00 - 17:30 (April to October), 8:30 - 17:00 (November to March)


Entrance fee for Sôdayû and Dôyû courses:

Adult = 900 Yen, Elementary or Middle School Students = 450 Yen

Entrance fee Yamashi courses (age 12+):

Adult: 2,400Yen, Students = 1,200Yen




1305 Shimo-Aikawa, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture