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  2. Sado Kaifu Kanburi Tairyo Matsuri (Good Catch of Winter Yellowtail Festival)
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Sado Kaifu Kanburi Tairyo Matsuri (Good Catch of Winter Yellowtail Festival)

Enjoy, to the fullest, freshly caught winter yellowtail at this signature year-end event!

Kanburi, winter yellowtail, is one of Sado's representative winter tastes. Sado Kaifu Kanburi Tairyo Matsuri takes place at Washizaki Fishing Port, one of the ports where winter yellowtail is landed. At this festival, you can buy super-fresh yellowtail, caught just off the coast of Washizaki, at lower-than-market prices. which draws many tourists from outside the island. Events include the annual "yellowtail race," and guests can enjoy a free bowl of arajiru (soup with yellowtail trimmings). Come and join this all-about-yellowtail event!

2023. 12. 3日
Winter yellowtail sales begin at 10:00.
Event site
Washizaki Fishing Port
Washizaki Sado, Niigata 952-3205
Contact Information

Secretariat of Sado Kaifu Kanburi Tairyo Matsuri Committee (c/o Uchikaifu Fishery Cooperative)

TEL : 0259-27-3258

Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 45minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Washizaki (Uchikaifusen Line) Approx. 0 minutes on foot from bus stop



スケジュール ※時間は予定です
8:40  大漁・安全祈願祭
9:10  大謀網漁船出漁
9:30  開会式
9:55  鬼太鼓(鷲崎鬼太鼓保存会による子ども鬼太鼓)
10:00  寒ぶり 鮮魚 販売開始 ぶりあら汁販売開始
10:45  第1回寒ぶりレース開始(第2回 11:55~)
11:10  佐渡民謡
12:20  魚つかみどり大会(小学生以下)
13:00  じゃんけん大会
14:00  閉会式