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Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival

Port of return for the past and future

In line with guidance from the Agency for Cultural Affairs to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the fifth Sado Island 2020 Galaxy Art Festival presents art exhibitions around the island (i.e. Kera Hirofumi at Taikeiji Temple in Kanai). Other events, including kyogen comic theater in sign language, a fashion show, and more, will be accompanying the exhibitions, which run from August 8th until October 11th. Please visit the website for details.

2022. 8. 8~10/11
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Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival Information Desk

TEL : 050−5305−5135

Email : info@sado-art.com

Exhibition: 500 JPY / Elementary and junior high school students: 200 JPY <br>Additional fees may apply.