Unwind and relax in Sado’s hot spring waters.

Did you know that Sado has hot springs? Actual thermal waters well up in various areas of Sado, and, what is better, they come out of the ground in Ryotsu, Aikawa and Ogi, all of which are a perfect bases for sightseeing and business. You can experience the pleasure of an onsen by staying overnight or by visiting during the day.
Those in the know, know Sado’s hot springs. If you visit Sado, do not miss the onsen experience!
We interviewed Mr Hiroto Kaneko, Senior Managing Director of Sado Green Hotel Kiraku and a certified onsen sommelier. He shared with us the charms of Sado’s onsens and how to make the most of your onsen experience.

Mr Hiroto KanekoSenior Managing Director, Sado Green Hotel Kiraku

Hoping for more people to enjoy Sado's onsens, Mr Kaneko became a certified onsen sommelier. Sado Green Hotel Kiraku offers guests free bathing services in the outdoor bath during their stay in Sado, even after check-out.

Good for toki, too?! Soothing, safe hot waters for everyone, including children

Since the hot springs in Sado are close to the sea, most of them are sodium springs. “The sodium spring waters keep you warm and moist after a soak. The water has a sterlizing effect added for good measure, and is said to be good for treating cuts. An onsen legend in the Ryotsu area has it that toki came to a hot spring to treat its feathers with the thermal water.” The main features of Sado’s onsen waters are the fine texture and soothing property. “Sado’s hot spring water has a soft, soothing effect on skin. Hypoallegenic, it is safe for bathing infants, too.” Moreover, Sado provides a wide range of thermal waters, varying from ginger-coloured “Moru-sen” hot springs which contain organic, plant-based substances, to calcium-rich water, each of which has different health benefits. When bathing in a hot spring bath, please check out the health benefits and features that the water has listed in the bathroom.

Why are complimentary sweets offered in the room? / Tips for a long, lingering bath

Some of you might be aware that complimentary sweets are offered within the room at many accommodations. They are a little treat for you, and more importantly, these sweets supply sugars and water before bathing, and prevent a drop in blood sugar levels. By consuming them with tea, you can avoid dehydration, too. “Bathing in thermal waters unexpectedly requires energy and might cause dehydration. Be careful not to be hungry or thirsty, and take a break in your room before going to the onsen. Don’t take a hot spring bath after drinking alcohol or when you feel full. Rest yourself first. Please keep yourself well-hydrated before a dip in thermal waters in the morning, too.” Once you soak in the thermal bath, you might feel like lingering over the luxury of immersion as long as possible. However, please be careful not to become dizzy and tired. “The water pressure can exhaust you, so if you want to stay in the hot water for a longer period of time, immerse just the bottom half of your body (we call it half-body bathing in Japan) at times so you do not feel too hot.” After a bath, please stay warm so as not to catch a cold or become unwell.

Have a relaxing winter break in Sado while enjoying scenic views, local fishes, sake nouveau and a nap!

Sado’s winter is an amazingly attractive season, when you can feel the power of Mother Nature in the big waves of the Sea of Japan smashing on the rocks in a dynamic and mesmerising way. Nami-no-hana (flowers of the waves) fluttering over the coast make a magical scene and the snow-covered Osado mountains and temples are as beautiful as a serene India ink landscape painting.
Take a hot spring spa bath after enjoying the beauty of nature, and the warm thermal waters will feel extra special. One of the most pleasing things about a Sado winter is, however, the local food and sake! “Sake nouveau” season starts in winter. Unwind by pairing delicious sake with a variety of seafood dishes such as sashimi, sushi, hot pots, and more. Or enjoy reading or other indoor activities with your family during daytime while enjoying the view from the window. If you feel sleepy, snuggle into a warm duvet and take a nap. Once you wake up, take a good soak in a hot spring bath. Such a relaxing time is only available in winter, and is the ultimate luxury. Come explore Sado, packed full of new charms, this winter!

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