LAST UPDATE:2018.05.16

“Experience Ondeko (deity mask dance) on Sado Island.”

Experience Ondeko (deity mask dance), a quintessentially Sado traditional performing art which is performed during many of the island’s festivals so as to pray for a bountiful harvest, a great catch of fish as well as the well-being of families!


Date: 14th (Thursday) to 15th (Friday) June 2018

      2 Day 1 Night

      Date of Festival: 15th June 2018


Location: Hayoshi, Ryotsu              No. of participants: 10 (First come first served basis)


Registration dateline: 8th (Friday) June 2018


Participation fee: Adult (20 years old and above) 27,000JPY

                * Please note that the following is self-borne and excluded from the

participation fee:

  • Transportation costs to arrive at Ryotsu Port
  • Accommodation on Sado Island (Please arrange for this on your own)

* Part of the participation fee will go towards the preservation of the

Hayoshi settlement

For more information.

Inquiries: Sado Tourism Association

              Mr. Sato Tatsuya

              Tel: 0259-23-5230