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2023.04.06 Information

DiscoverPass 2023 Now on Sale!

This pass includes a Round Trip Ferry Ticket and Experience Program Coupons valid for use at various sites on Sado Island.

  • Price
    Adults, 12 years old and over: 6,900 yen
    Children, elementary students:3,500yen
    Big Savings with Experience Program Coupons(Adults:2,000yen,Children:1,000yen)Included:
    Compare to the Standard Fare from Niigata – Ryotsu Route: Adults: 6,740 yen, Children 3,380 yen.
  • Promotion Period
    May 10 2023 – September 10 2023
    See here for October 2023 - Decemver 2023
  • Sales Locations
    ・Sado Kisen Ferry Niigata Port Information Center(Open from 8a.m. to 4p.m.)
    ・Sado Kisen Ferry Naoetsu Port Information Center(Open from 8:30a.m. to 5p.m.)
    ・Yamazaki Shop on the 1st floor of Niigata Airport(Open from 7:15a.m. to 6:30p.m.) ・ Show your passport or residence card to the Sado Kisen General Information Center during business hours (Niigata Port: 8:00am - 16:00pm / Naoetsu Port 8:30am - 17:00pm). Please note that if you plan to board the 6:00am ferry from Niigata Port or the 7:00am departure from Naoetsu Port, you will have to exchange your booking confirmation for your pass during business hours on the day before your departure. Similarly, if you plan to board the 19:30 pm ferry departing from Niigata port, you will have to pick up your pass before the General Information Center closes at 16:00 pm.
  • Notes on Using the Sado Kisen Ferry Discount Ticket
    ・Valid for 2nd Class Car Ferry Ticket only.Both chair and floor (carpeted area) seating are available in second class, so you can comfortably sit or lay down during your journey.
    ・Not valid for direct boarding. Bring this tichet to the Sado Kisen counter to exchange it for your ferry boarding tickets.
    ・For the ferry schedule, port maps, and more on how to board the ferry, please check the Sado Kisen website.
    ・If you plan to bring your private car on the ferry, advance reservation is required. Inquire directly with Sado Kisen, and get a discount on vehicle transportation, including one round-trip ferry ticket for the driver. When bringing your own car, you'll get a greater discount by paying for our experience programs in cash separately, without using this pass. However, if you have accompanying passengers, we recommended that they book the Discover Sado Pass.
    ・You can change the seating class or switch your ticket to the Jetfoil if there is availability on the day of embarkation.
    Please pay the difference at the Sado Kisen counter.
    Car Ferry 1st Class Carpeted floor Seating
     Niigata Route:【Additional fee(One Way):Adult 2,060yen / Child 1,030yen】
     Naoetsu Route:【Additional fee(One Way):Adult 1,850yen / Child 920yen】
    Car Ferry 1st Class Reclining Chair Seating
     Niigata Route:Additional fee(One Way):Adult 2,060yen / Child1,030yen】
     Naoetsu Route:Unavailable
     Niigata Route:Additional fee(One Way):Adult 4,090yen / Child2,050yen】
     Naoetsu Route:Unavailable
  • Notes on Visiting Experience Program Facilities
    ・Cut out the coupons in advance and submit them to each ticket counter.
    ・If the program cost is higher value than submitted coupons, please pay the remaining balance in cash.
    ・Coupons have no cash value. They cannot be redeemed for cash, and no change will be given.
    ・Depending on the season, open hours may vary. Check the operating hours of each facility in advance.
  • Notes on handling of Coupons
    ・Coupons can not be reissued, even in case of loss or theft. Refunds will not be issued unless the car ferry is canceled and you cannot get to Sado. Refunds will only be made at the original point of purchase.
    ・Coupons are non-transferable. Please tear coupon along the perforated line and submit to the facility receptionist.
    ・No advance reservations are required for the ferry (advance reservation required if bringing your own car). Some experiences do not require advance reservation, however there are exceptions – please inquire in advance.
    ・The validity period is within 10 days from the date of embarkation from Niigata.
    ・Photocopies of the coupon(s) will not be accepted.
    ・The pass is not valid for day trips.
  • Experience Program
    Please check below.

■Obata Sake Brewery TEL:0259-55-3171

①Sake Tasting Challenge(Adults 1,000 yen)
Compare the sake! If you can guess all the sake that are the same pour correctly, you’ll win a 720 ml bottle of Manotsuru Sake!

②Special Sake Tasting Experience(Adults 1,000 yen)
Compare six different kinds of sake and get a sake cup to take home with you!

③Special Sake Tasting Experience(Adults 500 yen)
Compare three different kinds of sake and get a sake cup to take home with you! 

※Not for drivers or those under the age of 20

■Sado History Museum TEL:0259-55-2525

Entrance(Adults 1,000 yen / Children 500 yen)
Entrance and small gift.

■Nishimikawa Gold Park TEL:0259-58-2021

Gold Panning experience(Adults / Children 1,000 yen)
Pan for gold and create a memory card with your findings to take home!

■Rikiya Kisen Tub Boats TEL 0259-86-3153

①Taraibune (Tub Boat) Ride(Adults 1,000 yen)
Take a tub boat ride and get a pack of Sado Wakame as a gift!
②Taraibune (Tub Boat) Ride(Children 1,000 yen * children ages 4-6: 400 yen)
Take a tub boat ride and get a cookie souvenir gift!

■Sado Gold Mine TEL 0259-74-2389

① Island Mirage
* 6 times daily 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, there is a limit on the number of daily participants, so we recommend reservation in advance MR Attraction Experience
(Advance Reservation) Reservation:Email: gsado2389@gmail.com
Adults 3,000 yen Children 2,550 yen

MR Attraction Experience(No Advance Reservation)
Adults 3,300 yen Children 2,850

②Gold Mine Tunnels Ticket (including both tunnels)(Adults 1,400 yen Children 700yen)
Explore both Sodayu and Doyu tunnels

※Can also be used for regular entrance ticket 「Adults 900yen / Children 450yen」

■Meoto Iwa Tours TEL 0259-76-2511

*the daily number of participants are limited, reservation recommended
Reservations:Email: reserve@meoto.net

①Time Slip Back to the Edo period! Sado Gold Mine Picture Scroll Experience(Adults 3,000yen / Children 2,000yen)
Learn about the Gold mine picture scroll. Wear mining costumes, try carrying ores, and challenge the mining course. Get an experience certificate and Niibo silver mine ore to take home.

②Salt-Making and Rice ball Cooking Experience(Adults / Children 2,000yen)
Use sea water to make fresh salt, and cook locally-grown Sado rice. Put everything together in a traditional bamboo wrapped rice ball! Get a special pack of Sado Salt to take home (200g).

■Senkakuwan Bay Park TEL:0259-75-2311

Entry + Glass Boat Ride(Adults 1,400 yen / Children 800 yen)
Enjoy entrance to the museum and a glass boat ride.
* 500 yen for adults and 350 yen for children when the boat is canceled due to inclement weather.

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