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  2. The town of Kanayama and the beauty of the coast with its strange and huge rocks
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The town of Kanayama and the beauty of the coast with its strange and huge rocks

  • Departure

    Meotoiwa is two gigantic rocks considered to originate from a Japan's creation myth in an ancient book "Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters)". On the right hand side is "husband" rock (22.6 meters high), and on the left hand side is "wife" rock (23.1 meters high). The rocks stands nestling up together, lapped by waves of Nanaura Coast. The rocks are said to bring luck in finding a partner. The surrounding area is spotted with rocky shores, such as Nekoiwa (Cat Rock) and Hokakeiwa (Sailing Rock) , which are, in Sado, said to originate from a Japan's creation myth.

  • Approximately 10 minutes by car
    10 minutes by bus
    Destination B

    Kyomachi Street is a main street that connects Aikawa's gold and silver mines with the Sado Commissioner's Office. Kyomachi Street leads up the hill from Shimokyomachi, where the time bell tower is located, through Nakakyomachi to Kamikyomachi. In the past, many residences of both mine-related workers and merchants used to stand side-by-side on this street. The street itself, studded with narrow alleyways, is a reminder of the haphazard town planning that took place during Aikawa's time of prosperity. A symbolic event of Kyomachi Street, "Yoi-no-mai", is held in early June. Dancers, clad in kimonos of the past, dance to the Aikawa Ondo folk song and accompanying music.

  • 3 minutes by car
    2 minutes by bus
    Destination C
    史跡 佐渡金山

    Sado Kinzan Gold Mine is a collection of historic relics which tell the 400-year history of Sado's gold and silver mines. On the Edo Kinzan Emaki (illustrated scrolls of gold mines) course (Sodayu Tunnel course), full-size dolls and robots provide accurate presentations of the workings of the mines in the past. On the Meiji Government-Controlled Mine course (Doyu Tunnel course), relics of modernization and industrialization still remain. Furthermore, there is also a guided tour course which includes facilities such as "The Best Gold Processing Plant in Asia" and "Japan's First Wetsern-Style Vertical Tunnel", that will cause visitors to marvel at the impressive scale.

  • Approximately 15 minutes by car
    Approximately 15 minutes by bus
    Destination D

    Senkakuwan Ageshima Yuen is a tourist attraction of Ageshima Kyowan (narrow bay), the fifth most scenic spot at Senkakuwan Bay. From the observation deck, you can enjoy a dynamic, panoramic view. The surrounding area is a marine park, designated as one of Japan's 100 Scenic Foreshores. You can also enjoy a cruise around the bay, and the underwater world, aboard a glass-bottom boat (for a fee). On site, there are also an aquarium, which is home to fish found in the sea surrounding Sado, and a resource centre, which displays panels about a famous Japanese film, "Kimi no Na Wa" [What is Your Name?

  • Approximately 30 minutes by car
    Approximately 30 minutes by bus
    Destination E

    Onogame is a 167-meter high monolith projecting into the sea, and that is a sight to see. The giant rock gained two stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japon. The surrounding area is where amur daylily (Tobishima kanzo) grows in clumps, one million flowers in 500 thousand amur daylily. Many people visit there when yellow flowers come into full bloom. The blooming season is from late May until early June. Every year, the Sado Kanzo Festival is held on the second Sunday of June, when Onidaiko (deity mask dance native to Sado) and folk songs are performed.

  • Approximately 5 minutes by car
    Approximately 5 minutes by bus

    Futatsugame resembles two turtles nestling closely and the scenery changes according to the tide. The water around Futatsugame is the clearest in Sado, and Futatsugame Bathing Beach has been selected as one of the Top 100 Sea-Bathing Spots in Japan. Futatsugame is also listed with two stars on the Michelin Green Guide, along with Onogame.