Travel on Sado Island
Model Courses

  1. Sado Island Travel Model Course Guide
  2. First Time on Sado Island - Royal Route "Minami Sado" (South Sado Island)

  • Departure

    Toki Forest Park has toki-theamed facilities. Toki Materials Exhibition Hall showcases a collection of resources on the themes of preservation, breeding, and reintroduction into the wild. Toki Exchange Plaza is a popular spot where you can see toki up close. You can take a pleasant stroll around the park where you will ffind a monument to commemorate Japan's last wild toki named Kin. Don't miss out on the popular soft ice cream made with Sado-grown green edamame beans.

  • Approximately 15 minutes by car
    Destination B

    Full-size robots intriguingly tell of the history and legends of Sado. On the first floor, famous scenes with historical significance are introduced by robots in elaborate clothing which are exact replicas of historical figures. Witness Emperor Juntoku mourning his fate with the moon at the place of his exile, or a famous Tsukahara debate between Nichiren and other priests from other schools, and Zeami (14th-15th-century Noh actor and playwright) dancing to pray for rains. On the second floor, photographs and art objects inspired by Sado's ambiance are on exhibit. Shodo Sasaki Museum is located within the museum, where the works of lost-wax casting by Shodo Sasaki, a living national treasure, are on display. You may also enjoy the taste of Sado at a restaurant on site.

  • Approximately 17 minutes by car
    Destination C

    Sado Nishimikawa Gold Park is a hands-on facility situated on the old site of Nishimikawa Gold Dust Mine, which is thought to be the oldest among others. Anyone can easily try panning for gold on three levels: beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. On the advanced course, you will pan for gold on a river! The gold you panned for can be made into a phone strap or pendant (for a charge). You can learn about the history of gold in the exhibition room on-site, and there is a souvenir shop featuring their original goods including sweets and jewellery.

  • Approximately 17 minutes by car
    Destination D

    You cannot talk about Sado's special tub-boats without mentioning Rikiya Kanko Kisen. Lady skippers skillfully shift the oars, and this is a unique experience that you will never forget. Other popular activities are a cruise around Nansenkyo (the best part of the Ogi Coast) and Sawasaki Lighthouse aboard a high-speed pleasure boat, and another speedy cruise on a high-speed motor boat, to visit other scenic spots. The waiting room houses a ticket booth, souvenir shop and light-meal eatery.

  • Approximately 8 minutes by car

    Having been a port since the medieval times, Shukunegi went through the prosperous 17th century brought about by Sado Kinzan Gold Mine, and developed as a kitamaebune port of call for the merchant shipping industry. Facing a small inlet, Shukunegi is characterised by the crowded rows of over 100 houses built with plate walls made from ship planks, and it has been designated as a National Important Preservation Area for Traditional Buildings and Architecture. Three private houses are open to the public (admission charges required), and the entire Shukunegi village represents a history of involvement in ship-related industries.