Photo Spots

Sado PR photographer Yoshiyuki Ito introduces a number of prime photo spots on Sado. These spots are introduced from a photographer's unique perspective, and are sure to be a useful reference as you tour the sights. This website introduces the highlights and attractions of the famous spots, which change depending on the season and time of day.

  • 両津エリア

    Ryotsu Area

    The Ryotsu Port Sado Kisen Terminal is the main entrance to Sado Island. As soon as you get off the boat, you can see Lake Kamo, the largest lake in Niigata Prefecture, and if you drive north along the coastline, you can access scenic spots such as Onogame and Futatsugame, a treasure trove of scenic spots.

  • 相川エリア

    Aikawa Area

    In the Aikawa area, where many historic sites from the Sado Gold and Silver Mine (which is aiming to be registered as a World Heritage Site) remain, the modern heritage site of Kitazawa Flotation Plant is a recommended photo spot. The coastline facing northwest offers spectacular views of sunsets from numerous locations.

  • 国中エリア

    Kuninaka Area

    This is an area where many temples, shrines, and Buddhist temples still remain, conveying the rich culture of Sado Island from the past to the present day. The precincts of these temples and shrines can be photographed in all four seasons, including the season of autumn foliage. In the plains and satoyama that stretch across the Kuninaka area, you may even spot the Japanese crested ibis, a Natitonal Special Natural Treasure.

  • 南佐渡エリア

    Minami Sado Area

    Visitors can take a stroll through the old town of Shukunegi, which flourished as a Kitamae-bune port of call, and experience the "tarai-bune" (tub boat) unique to the Minami Sado area. The crystal clear sea and unique coastline formed by lava rocks also create photogenic scenes.

About Photography Manners

It seems that more and more people are coming to Sado Island with cameras these days. We are very happy to hear this, and we hope you will be blessed with many spectacular spots and good shutter opportunities so that you can take amazing photos. However, there are also stories of photographers with bad manners. Please do not trample on plants, get too close to wild birds, or enter off-limits or private property without permission. There are still many undiscovered and spectacular sights on Sado Island awaiting your camera.

伊藤 ヨシユキ

Yoshiyuki Ito

Text and Photographs

Sado PR photographer. He is the sixth generation owner of Itoya, a "Goen-no-Yado" inn that opened in Sado City in the early Meiji period, and the owner of Restaurant & Bar Kosado. 2014's photo contest grand prize winner led him to become Sado's PR photographer, capturing the island's most spectacular spots. His photographs, which express the endless possibilities of Sado that can only be captured by someone living on the island, have been used in numerous materials including posters for JR East, pamphlets on and off the island, and TV programs. He is good at flair bartending (bartender's practice of entertaining guests) and sake tasting. His hobbies include traveling and discovering spectacular scenery.