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Island x Mountain Trip
Your journey begins where you can feel the unique nature with all of your senses.

In the Osado Mountain Range where a series of mountains stretch 1,000 meters high, you can enjoy hiking and encounter scenery and vegetation that is unique to this remote island: the view of the Sea of Japan from the ridge line, natural cedars bent into complex shapes by snow, and an overwhelming abundance of wildflowers. After descending the mountain, your weary body will soak up the hot springs and gourmet seafood!


Colorful trekking to enjoy the sea and flowers

Sado's mountains, formed by the uplift of the sea floor, look as if they are rising straight out of the sea. Climbing the ridge line, you will be greeted with a spectacular view of the blue Sea of Japan on both sides, and here and there along the trekking route, you will find lovely flowers in their natural state.


Unique pristine forests of natural cedars

The mountains of Sado are full of powerful cedars with mysterious branching patterns. You can't help but wonder, "How did they get like this?" Why don't you go and explore their secrets?

Trekking Routes to Experience Sado Island with All 5 Senses

We have carefully selected trekking routes that allow you to experience the nature of Sado Island! Tailor your path to the kind of flowers and scenery you want to see, and according to your own physical strength.


Must Know Information for Island Hikers

  • For a smooth hiking experience:Island Access and Shops


    Get your food perfect for trekking on Sado! Buses and cabs are the best way to get to the trailhead!
    We have packed information to make your trip to mountains smoother, including transportation access to and from the trailhead, and convenient and delicious stores to stop by before entering the mountains.

  • Fun x Safe


    Maps are very important! Guided tours will maximize your experience!
    Here you can find information on how to obtain trekking maps, mountaineering registration, guided mountaineering tours, and other information for safe and enjoyable hiking in the mountains of Sado Island.