Fun x Safe

  • STEP 1

    Get a map (trekking map)

    From the planning stage to the day of the trek, a map is indispensable for trekking. Unfortunately, the well-known mountain map "Yama to Kogen Chizu" (published by Shobunsha) does not cover Sado Island. Therefore, Sado City has prepared a trekking map! There are two ways to obtain it.

  • 佐渡トレッキングマップ
  • Have it sent to you by mail

    You can ask the Sado Trekking Council to send you a trekking map for free. The contact information is as follows.

    Contact Information
    Sado Trekking Council
    384-11 Ryotsu Ebisu, Sado, Niigata 952-0011
  • Download PDF

    You can download the file in PDF format. This is convenient for checking the map on the screen ahead of time while waiting for it to arrive. We recommend printing the map on size A3 paper. You can print it from a copy machine at a convenience store, etc.

  • Use smartphone apps, too!

    Using a smartphone app together with a paper map is safer, as the GPS function makes it easier to keep track of your current location. Please note that cell phone reception is almost non-existent in the Osado Mountain Range. Each app allows you to download maps in advance, so follow each method to prepare in advance.

    IOS Android
    IOS Android
    IOS Android


Know the weather conditions in the Osado Mountain Range.

Know the weather conditions in the Osado Mountain Range before your departure so you can choose the most suitable clothing and equipment.

  • 大佐渡スカイライン

    Trekking Season(when the roads are open to traffic, remaining snow conditions, etc.)

    If there is no snow on the access road to the trailhead, it is possible to start trekking in the low mountains starting in late March. However, the melting of snow varies slightly at each trailhead.

    The Osado Skyline and Donden Line are expected to open around mid-April. Around that time, there could be a lot of snow left depending on area. The season of mountain flowers and autumn leaves finish in late October. After November 10, the snowfall season begins, and snow usually starts to fall.

  • 残雪期の登山道

    Snowfall, wind and rainfall, and other weather characteristics unique to Sado

    Strong winds and fog are common in early spring, so do not take chances on days when visibility is poor. Be especially careful during the lingering snow season.


Submit a mountain climbing registration

Before entering a mountain, you should fill out and submit a mountain climbing registration form. Please note that we do not accept the forms submitted online via the "Yama to Shizen Network Compass." Make sure to use the mountain climbing registration form provided by the Sado Trekking Association.

  • Download the mountain registration form

    You can download the mountain climbing registration form in PDF format. It is convenient to fill out the necessary information before coming to the island. You can also submit the form in advance. (See next section).

    The form is also available at the form submission box.

  • How to submit a mountain climbing registration form

    There are two ways to submit the form.

    1. By fax or email

    Sado Trekking Council
    FAX: 0259-23-4478 / E-mail:

    2. Drop the form in the submission box.

    Sado Tourism Association Ryotsu Port Information Center, Aoneva Trailhead, Donden HIghland Lodge, Hakuundai Exchange Center

  • STEP 4

    Let's enjoy hiking in an eco-friendly way

    Sado's nature is free from feeding damage by large animals such as deer. The biggest threat to this nature is us: humans. If you think "I can litter because nobody is watching, " or "Eco-friendly hiking doesn't really help protect the environment," we strongly oppose these ideas. What if that "I'm just one person," comes in the number of 10,000 people every year? It is frightening just to think about it. If you do something eco-friendly now, you can expect a bright future.
    Walk in the mountains of Sado Island and encounter a view you want to show someone. And in honor of that someone, hike in an environmentally friendly way.

    • 山ではゴミは持ち帰りましょう

      Take your garbage home with you.

    • 山では花を摘んではいけません

      Do not pick flowers!

    • 山では外来種の持ち込みに注意

      Do not bring in foreign species

    • 携帯トイレを持ち歩こう

      Carry a portable toilet!

  • Inquiries about trekking on Sado Island

    For those who are anxious about walking in a mountain range for the first time, for beginners in mountaineering, and for those who want to enjoy more in-depth hiking on Sado Island, we can introduce you to the experts of trekking on Sado Island. Please feel free to contact us.


    The Sado Trekking Council consists of reliable members who know the mountains of Sado well. The blog on the council's website is updated daily, so you can learn about the latest trail conditions and flower blooms. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the council. We can also introduce you to a guide.

  • Step into a special space on an eco-tour in a pristine forest

    Sado's natural cedars are easily accessible on well-maintained walking trails. You can experience the charms of Sado's natural cedars there, but if you want to feel the true wildness and power of the cedars, or have become interested in the cedars after walking along the walkway, we recommend joining an eco-tour to a prestine forest.
    A tour guide will take you to an area of the pristine forest that is only accessible on this eco-tour.


    You can also find information on how to apply on this page.