Panoramic view of flowers and the seas!
The most popular traverse route!

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  4. Panoramic view of flowers and the seas! The most popular traverse route!

Donden Highland to Hakuundai Traverse Route

Starting from Donden Highland Lodge, this scenic route crosses Mount Kinpoku, the highest peak on Sado Island, to reach Hakuundai.

  • Course

    • Length: 13.6km
    • Ascent: 282m
    • Time required: 7 hours (including breaks)
    • Recommended seasons: Mid-May to late October *Please take extra care in summer because of high temperatures.
    • Overnight stay: Staying the night before at Donden Highland Lodge is recommended.
    • Difficulty:
  • Facilities on the route

    • Restrooms: Donden Highland Lodge / Mount Kinpoku Summit / Hakuundai
    • Shops: Donden Highland Lodge / Hakuundai
    • Water: No water (Kare springs at the 50-minute round-trip point from the Ishigegoe branch point)
  • Itinerary

    Donden Highland Lodge [20 minutes] SMount Shiritate [15 minutes] Tsubakigoe Pass [40 minutes] Aoneva Crossroads [50 minutes] Matone [20 minutes] Ishigegoe branch point [50 minutes] Masago no Shibafu ( [20 minutes] Imoridaira [40 minutes] Tengu no Yasunba [25 minutes] En no Gyoja [40 minutes] Mount Kinpoku [1 hour 20 minutes] Hakuundai

  • Course Outline

    This is a traverse route from Donden Highland Lodge to Hakuundai. As you proceed from the first peak, Matone, you will be able to see not only the mountains you are about to climb, but also the Kuninaka Plain and the Sea of Japan shining in the sunlight on your left, and a glimpse of the Sotokaifu district on your right. The walk alternates between forested areas and open ridgelines, with gentle ups and downs which make the walk challenging. Along the route, you will see an endless variety of flowers including the popular shirane-aoi, katakuris, oiwakagami, yamanodamaki, and more.

  • Equipment and Clothing

    In the lingering snow season, you will need to adjust your clothing according to the temperature, and a jacket / rain gear) may be necessary. High-cut hiking boots are recommended. Depending on the weather, the temperature varies from about 5°C to 12°C day by day, so keep checking the weather and temperature! We recommend bringing light crampons. Low-cut shoes are OK during snow-free season, and depending on the weather, you can walk with just a shirt on. Rain gear is essential. Stocks are useful if you are used to them. Do not go off the trail, which is marked with pink tape.

  • シラネアオイ

    Shirane-aoi (Japanese wood poppy)

    The climb becomes somewhat strenuous before the summit of Mount Kinpoku, but if you can make it up there, you will reach the highest point on Sado Island. Although the road leading up to the summit is also full of wonderful scenery, the view from the top of the mountain is even more breathtaking. After taking a break, you will reach Hakuundai on a paved road managed by the Self-Defense Forces.

  • ヤマオダマキ

    Yamaodamaki (Aquilegia buergeriana)

    *Reception is good here. If you have not reserved a cab, you can call one here.

  • 交流センター白雲台からの眺望

    The goal of the traverse route is the Exchange Center Hakuundai, a mountain hut-style building with the warmth of wood located 850 meters above sea level.

  • 交流センター白雲台

    It is a good place to enjoy fresh milk soft-serve ice cream or Island Black Pig Pork Curry while waiting for the bus or cab.


  • ドンデン高原ロッジ自然リゾート

    Donden Kogen Lodge Nature Resort

    This nature resort is essential for enjoying trekking in the Osado Mountain Range. There are a number of routes starting from this location, including traversing and circling the Donden Hiland. If you stay at the lodge, you will surely have an unforgettable time viewing the Milky Way at night and the sea of clouds in the morning. If you wish to walk the routes described in this article, we recommend that you stay here the night before and leave early in the morning.

    697 Tsubaki, Sado City GoogleMap
    Phone number
    Room Rates
    With half board: from 8,300 yen
    Mid-November to mid-April
    WEB / SNS
    Official website Instagram
  • 交流センター白雲台

    Exchange Centre Hakuundai

    This mountain hut-like building is located at an elevation of 850 meters and serves as the goal of the traverse route. In addition to serving fresh milk ice cream and Island Black Pig Pork Curry, which are recommended after a long hike, souvenirs from Sado Island are available for purchase. While waiting for the bus, why not take a break and enjoy the view of the mountain range you just hiked?

    3534-158, Nakako Otsu, Sado City GoogleMap
    Phone number
    Business hours
    Mid-November to mid-April (and other periods when the Osado Skyline is closed)
    WEB / SNS

Recommended hot springs after descending the mountain

After descending the mountain, Shiizaki Onsen Hot Springs is conveniently located near Ryotsu Port. If you take the Hakuundai Liner Bus, you can get to Shiizaki Hot Spring via Ryotsu Port.

  • 夕日と湖の宿 あおきや

    The inn of the setting sun and lake: Aokiya

    Aokiya stands at the top of the hill overlooking Lake Kamo, and all guestrooms have a sea view. The sun setting behind Osado Mountains turns the lake into a beautiful orange colour which is exceptionally memorable.

    685 Harakuro, Sado City GoogleMap
    Phone number
    Accommodation fee (tax not included )
    With half board: 10,000 yen~ With breakfast: 7,000 yen~ With no meal: 6,000 yen~
    One day trip bathing
    16:00-21:00 (irregular holidays) / Adults: 500 yen, children: 300 yen
    WEB / SNS
    Official website Instagram
  • 朱鷺伝説と露天風呂の宿 きらく

    A hotel of the legend of the Japanese crested ibis and outdoor baths: Kiraku

    Sado Green Hotel Kiraku stands on the heights of Shiizaki, facing Lake Kamo. You can relax in a variety of hot spa baths varying from large bathing rooms with a panoramic view on the top floor (hotel guests only), to Yurakunagaya (a private outdoor bath for hotel guests only), to outdoor baths "Toki no Maiyu" (one-day bathing available).

    658 Harakuro, Sado City GoogleMap
    Phone number
    Room Rates (tax not included )
    With half board: 9,000 yen~ With breakfast: 7,000 yen~ With no meal: 6,000 yen~
    One day trip bathing
    15:00-22:30 (irregular holidays)/Adults 500 yen, children 300 yen
    *Last admission at 22:00
    *In consideration of the spread of new corona infection, please note that you may be asked to wait during busy times.
    WEB / SNS
    Official site
  • ホテルニュー桂

    Hotel New Katsura

    A hotel with a hot spring overlooking Lake Kamo, where time flows slowly. Hotel New Katsura provides large bathrooms for men and women, as well as, two outdoor bathrooms and a private outdoor bath. Baths are also open for day-trip visitors.

    696-1 Harakuro, Sado City GoogleMap
    Phone number
    Room charge (tax not included )
    With half board: 10,000 yen~ With breakfast: 8,000 yen~ With no meal: 7,000 yen~
    One day trip bathing
    16:00-21:00, open daily/ Adults/500 yen, children/ 300 yen
    WEB / SNS
    Official site

In addition to accommodations near Ryotsu Port that offer hot spring bathing for non-guest visitors, there are many other inns on Sado perfect for a pre-night or post-night stay.