Ryotsu Ogawa

Woodblock prints introducing the charms of Ryotsu Ogawa

Ryotsu Ogawa stretches out approximately 2.5 km from Himezaki to the east and Hotokezaki to the west, and is home to about fifty households. Woodblock prints have given rise to this area's name, and a collection of woodblock prints is described as the "Ogawa Outdoor Woodblock Prints Museum". You will see woodblock printing, by locals, everywhere on the walls of the houses in this village. Works are created based on the theme: Life in Ogawa. The dynamic works will leave you amazed.

  • Townscape
Assistance in Foreign Languages
Not available
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 15 by car
Nearest bus stop
Ookawa(Higashikaigansen Line) Approx. 0 minutes on foot from bus stop
Not Available