1. Keikuji Temple
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Keikuji Temple

A temple remembered in connection with Princess Keishi, the eldest daughter of Emperor Juntoku

Keikuji Temple is a temple of the Shingon School (founded in 807) with Dainichi Nyorai (Mahavairocana: supreme Buddha of the Cosmos) as the main object of worship. The name of the temple "Keikuji (written as 慶宮 in Japanese) derives from the lore that Emperor Juntoku's eldest daughter, Princess Keishi (慶子), spent her life here. The Princess worshipped Fukurokuju Sonten (God of Longevity), so a master artist, Mahori Hogan Yoshitaka, donated a painting entitled "Jingo (divine protection) Fukurokuju". Keikuji Temple is one of the temples on Sado's Seven Gods of Fortune pilgrimage route. Hasso (eight patriarchs) Hall, equipped with an octagonal shrine with a rotational system, is one of a Niigata Prefecture's Tangible Cultural Assets.

Facility Basic Information

457 Miyakawa Ko Sado, Niigata 952-0212
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Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 30 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Miyakawa (Minamisen [South Line]) Approx. 3 minutes on foot from bus stop

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