Greatly-worshipped guardian deity of Sado Cattle

Dainichido is a worship hall in Ohirume Shrine, which is considered to have been established in 1490. The existing building (a Niigata Prefecture's Designated Tangible Cultural Asset) was reputedly reconstructed in 1718. The hall enshrines a statue of Seated Dainichinyorai (Vairocana), considered to be created by Mokujiki Seigen. Seen as a place of worship for a tutelary deity of cows, in the past, cowherds from all over the island traveled on foot with their cows, to pay visits to Dainichido. Many ema (wooden plaques with prayers written down on them) with pictures of cows, and waraji (straw sandals) for cows are dedicated to make wishes come true.

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1393 Niibo Uryuya, Sado, Niigata 952-0106
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