Manogu Shrine

A solemn sanctuary dedicated to Emperor Juntoku

Shinrinji Temple used to look after the cremation mound of Emperor Juntoku. Through the religious reform movement (which promotes shinto and destructs Buddhist temples) in the Meiji Period (late 19th century), Shinrinji was recognised as a prefectural shrine in 1874 and renamed it as Manogu Shrine. Along with Emperor Juntoku, it enshrines Michizane Sugawara (statesman worshipped as a god of learning) and Suketomo Hino (disgraced court noble exiled to Sado). The present shrine buildings were erected in 1920. Torii Gate, Shinkyo (sacred bridge), Shinmon Bridge, and shrine office were newly built, and the sanctuary was enlarged with an extension of the approach. Manogu Shrine treasures a single edged dagger, a ink stone, a fan, a suspension vase, and so on, which are considered as mementos of Emperor Juntoku.

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657 Mano, Sado, Niigata 952-0313
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Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 35 by car
Nearest bus stop
Manoguumae(Minamisen (South Line)、Akadomarisen Line) Approx. 1 minutes on foot from bus stop