1. Gigantic Straw Sandals in Kuratani

Gigantic Straw Sandals in Kuratani

A traditional practice to pray for peace in the community

People in Okuratani, in the Mano area, have been passing down the tradition of making gigantic straw sandals for New Year's, to hang at both ends of the village in early spring. Acting as guardian deities to protect the community from troubles and evil, the huge straw sandals are displayed to pretend that there is a giant man in the village. The sandals are replaced with new ones every March. If you travel along Route 350, you can see them, measuring about 1 meter wide and 1.8 meters long.

Facility Basic Information

Okuratani, Sado, Niigata 952-0432
Transport Access
Ogi Port Approx 25 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Tagirisu (Ogi Line) Approx. 10 minutes on foot from bus stop
Not Available

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