1. Obuse Shrine
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Obuse Shrine

Obuse Shrine in Nishimikawa, which enshrines a sacred stone

Past the historic Komainu guardian statues, which are considered to have been created by masons in the Tsubakio village, the path opens out onto a vast precinct wooded with oak and Machilus trees. The shrine was reputedly established by the manor lord of Nishimikawa, Honma Yamashiro Nyudo, in the Muromachi Period (1392-1573). The object of worship is the Mikeishi stone enclosed with a stone fence at the back of the main hall. It is regarded as a sacred place where gods descend, and rituals are carried out. Komochimagatama, comma-shaped ornaments with small magatama, are unearthed from the surrounding ground, and Obuse Shrine is highly valued as an ancient site of rituals.

Facility Basic Information

1074 Nishimikawa, Sado, Niigata 952-0434
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Transport Access
Ogi Port Approx 20 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Kuratani (Ogi Line) Approx. 15 minutes on foot from bus stop
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