Kaichoji Temple

Graceful cherry blossoms of Emperor Juntoku

Kaichoji Temple is an old temple of Soto Zen School located in the middle of the hill leading down to Yajima and Kyojima. The two trees of Goshozakura variety of cherry blossoms in front of the main hall are said to have been planted by Emperor Juntoku himself. Each branch produces a blend of single- and multi-layered white flowers, which are very rare, and the cherry trees at Kaichoji Temple are designated as National Natural Monument. Cherry flowers are in bloom from late April until early May.

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  • Shrines and Buddhist Temples
30 Ogi, Sado, Niigata 952-0605
Contact Information
Transport Access
Ogi Port Approx 5 by car
Nearest bus stop
Yajima Iriguchi(Shukunegi Line) Approx. 5 minutes on foot from bus stop