1. Shokoji Temple
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Shokoji Temple

A temple of the Buddhism Jishu School, standing in the area which used to be called "Misaki Dojo"

An ancient temple tucked away in the back of the Shukunegi village, Shokoji Temple was founded in 1349 as the first Jishu School temple in Sado. On the Sanmon main gate, there still remains a munefuda [an inscription related to the building], written in 1717, and this gate is one of the oldest pieces of architecture in Shukunegi. Shokoji has been enshrining the Tokai Benzaiten (literally means sea-crossing goddess of the sea), since the olden days. It has continuously been worshipped as a guardian deity protecting against shipwreck, and as a goddess of artistry. A master artist, Mahori Hogan Yoshitaka, donated his painting entitled "Tokai Benzaiten" to the temple. Shokoji Temple is one of the temples on Sado's Seven Gods of Fortune pilgrimage route. Within the temple precinct, there is a graveyard of Shuzo Shibata, a Shukunegi-native who studied Western Studies in the late Edo Period (early 19th century), and later drew an elaborate world map.

Facility Basic Information

407 Shukunegi, Sado, Niigata 952-0612
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Transport Access
Ogi Port Approx 10 minutes by car
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Shukunegi (Shukunegi Line) Approx. 5 minutes on foot from bus stop
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