Jogahana Beach

A little seashore adjacent to Sunrise Jogahama

Jogahama Beach is a tranquil beach with a width of 150 metres. With clear water perfect for swimming, the beach features impressive white sand. You can enjoy the sand on the clean, small-scale beach, making it perfect for families with small children. As the beach is conveniently located next to the accommodation "Sunrise Jogahama" which offers day-trip hot spring services, you can refresh yourself with a hot spring bath after sea-bathing.

  • Outdoor Activities
Mikawa, Sado, Niigata 952-0705
Official Bathing Season
July 23st, 2020 (Sat.) - August 23th, 2020 (Sun.)
Period of Lifeguard Cover
10:00 to 16:00
[Public Toilet] Men: 3 urinals, 2 Japanese-style toilets / Women: 3 Japanese-style toilets
[Changing Room] 1 room each for men and women
[Shower Room] 10 water showers *Separated by gender. There is no hot shower.
Sand and Artificial Reef / Swimming area sectioned off by concrete blocks / Lifeguard on duty during the daytime
Beach Huts
Not Available No beach hut *There is a restaurant within the adjoining facility, Sunrise Jogahama.
Available to buy
Not Available
Beach Equipment Hire
Not Available
Ajoining Campsite
Not Available
Transport Access
Akadomari Port Approx 5 by car
38(free of charge)