1. Senjojiki
Sea Strange Rocks and Bizarre Stones


A scenic spot stretching off the coast of Bentenzaki in Shimoaikawa

Known as a scenic spot since olden times, Senjojiki is a flat, rocky shore situated on the coast of Shimoaikawa at the northern tip of Aikawa Town Center. The shore is called Senjojiki (literally: a thousand tatami-mats) because of its flat, vast landform. A bridge spans over the sea toward the seawall, and from there, you can see the rolling surf of the Sea of Japan and observe the rocky shore beneath the surface. A popular relaxing spot for locals, people enjoy strolling along the trail when the sea is calm.

Facility Basic Information

Shimoaikawa, Sado, Niigata 952-1501
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 55 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Senjoujiki Iriguchi (Kaifu Line) Approx. 5 minutes on foot from bus stop

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