1. Nagate Peninsula
Sea Strange Rocks and Bizarre Stones

Nagate Peninsula

Beautiful sunsets along the Nanaura Kaigan Coast

Located in the heart of Nanaura Kaigan, the peninsula is a picturesque scenery made up an endless flat rocky surface. The uniqueness of the elevated coast has earned it the designation of ‘Sado-Yahiko-Yoneyama Semi-National Park’. The shoreline is dotted with ever-changing strangely shaped rocks which contributes to the beauty of the coast. This spot is popular for gathering shellfish, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing and is also known to witness magnificent views of the sun setting into the ocean.

Facility Basic Information

Tachibana, Sado, Niigata 952-1655
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 45 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Tachibana Nagatemisaki (Nanaura Kaigansen Line) Approx. 0 minutes on foot from bus stop

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