1. Nagae Atsukushihiko Shrine Noh Stage
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Nagae Atsukushihiko Shrine Noh Stage

A prestigious, ancient shrine sits with the backdrop of sacred Mount Kinpoku.

The shrine's tutelary forest is located in the middle of a vast rice field to the south of Nagae River, and its lion-dog statues standing in the paddy are an impressive scenic feature. Established in the early 9th century, Nagae Atsukushihiko Shrine is one of Sado's nine shrines included in the Engishiki Register. After being moved, the current buildings are said to have been constructed in 1714. This shrine houses the tutelary deity for the Kamo Clan as well as a god of mines that used to be enshrined at Mt. Kinpoku.
Within the shrine compound, a Noh stage with a quaint thatched roof stands with its left side facing the main hall. The stage is comprised of a main stage area and a rear stage area, and the passageway connects the stage and the room behind the curtain. Estimated to have been built between 1764–1780, this Noh stage is thought to be a valuable example of few pre-modern structures on Sado, and is designated a City Cultural Property.

Facility Basic Information

Nagae, Sado, Niigata 952-0027
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 10 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Akitsu (Honsen [Main Line]) Approx. 0 minutes on foot from bus stop

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