1. Cherry Tree of Hojobo

Cherry Tree of Hojobo

Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in the rustic setting of Hamochi Osaki

The cherry tree of Hojobo sits in Hamochi Osaki, a place known for the Osaki Soba (buckwheat noodles) Festival. Branches stretch out as if they are cuddling up to the thatched roof house on the site where Hojobo Temple used to be. The tree is said to be 250–260 years old, measuring 21 meters tall and 6.9 meters in circumference at its base. The crown stretches 26 meters both east-to-west and north-to-south. The tree marks the timeline of farmwork, and locals affectionately call it "Hojobo's sowing cherry."

Facility Basic Information

1167 Hamochi Osaki, Sado, Niigata 952-0252
Transport Access
Ogi Port Approx 30 minutes by car
Nearest bus stop
Oosaki (Watatsu Line) Approx. 10 minutes on foot from bus stop

*There will be no lighting in 2021.

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