1. Memorial Mound of Anju (Anjuzuka) in Kanoura

Memorial Mound of Anju (Anjuzuka) in Kanoura

A small shrine in honor of Princess Anju, a tragic heroine

Anju and Zushio are well-known characters who appear in the novel Sansho Dayu (Sansho the Bailiff) written by Ogai Mori. A variation of this story has been passed down on Sado, and there are some places claiming to be related to the legend. Kanoura in the Sotokaifu area is one of those places. It is said that Anju passed away here, after being reunited with her mother. Her shrine tops a small mound nestled among the rice paddies on the sea side. Look for it between the tunnels of Kanoura and Minamikatabe.

Facility Basic Information

Kitakatabe, Sado, Niigata 952-2225
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 60 minutes by car
Not Available

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