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Unlimited Bus Ride Passes

There are three types of unlimited travel passes available: one-day, two-day, and three-day. Over a set number of travel days, unlimited travel around Sado is allowed on regular buses operated by Niigata Kotsu Sado. These passes are not valid for Scheduled Tour Buses (guided), liner buses, etc.
To pay for your bus fare, simply show the driver your pass when you get off the bus.
There are a range of special promotions available to~pass holders, which will save you money at participating facilities, and also discounts at shops, restaurants, etc.

    Adults Children
Sado 1-day Pass Unlimited travel for a single day 1,500JPY 750JPY
Sado 2-day Pass Unlimited travel for two consecutive days 2,500JPY 1,250JPY
Sado 3-Day Pass Unlimited travel for three consecutive days 3,500JPY 1,500JPY

Passes are available at Niigata Kotsu Sado's Main Office and offices in Ryotsu, Aikawa and Ogi, as well as at the Sado Kisen Information Desks at Niigata and Naoetsu Ports. A 1-day pass is available for purchase on regular buses in Sado, at the shops on Sado Kisen's car ferries, and at some accommodations on Sado.