1. Access
  2. Getting to Sado Island
  3. How to take a bus

Boarding A Bus

  • STEP1

    Board the bus using the rear door.

  • STEP2

    Pick up a small ticket from the ticketing machine by the rear door as you board the bus. A number is printed on the ticket.

  • STEP3

    To ask the driver to let you off at the next bus stop, press one of the buttons which can be found throughout the bus.

  • STEP4

    To determine your fare, refer to the number on your ticket taken upon boarding, and look for it on the display above the driver. The price under the same number of the ticket is the fare for the ride.

  • STEP5

    When the bus stops, go to the front and place your cash fare in the fare payment box.

Stops by Special Request:

Buses make stops on request within designated areas.

  • How to get on and off

    • Boarding a bus without a bus stop: Find an open, safe space on the left side of the road, and raise your hand to signal the bus driver to stop.
    • Alighting a bus where there is no bus stop: Let the driver know you want to get off at least 100 metres before you reach your destination.
    • Fare: Your fare will be the same as from and to the nearest bus stop to where you get on and off.
  • Buses do not stop on request on bus routes in the following zones:

    • Honsen (Main Line) and other lines (Kantokushomae - Yokoyama - Kanai-Sawata BS [Bus Station] - Aikawa - Sadoshi Aikawashishomae)
    • Minamisen (South Line) and other lines (Sawata BS - Shinmachi Gakkoumae)
    • Uchikaifusen Line and other lines (Kantokushomae - Kamimachi Juujiro - Funabachou - Sado Chuutou Kyouiku Gakkoumae)
    • Ogi Line and other lines (Sawata BS - Mano Shinmachi - Mano Goryou Iriguchi)
    • Kuninaka and Kanamaru Lines (Sawada BS - Sado Byouinmae - Shinmachi Gakkoumae)
    • All buses for students' use


Make sure you have small change before you board the bus, as you cannot change 10,000JPY, 5,000JPY and 2,000JPY bills to coins once aboard.
Please note that Sado buses do not accept payment cards such as SUICA.