Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental

In addition to buses, taxis and rent-a-cars, Sado also offers sightseeing on electric bikes!
Here is some information on fees and contact numbers for rental bicycles, and other related services.

Usage fees

2 hours
500 JPY
3 hours
700 JPY
4 hours
900 JPY
5 hours
1,100 JPY
6 hours
1,300 JPY
7 hours
1,500 JPY
8 hours
1,700 JPY
9 hours
1,900 JPY
10 - 24 hours
2,000 JPY
One-way bike rental fee
Once 1,100 JPY


Size of bicycles
Only bicycles for adults are available.
Please pay in cash at the rental window.
Please note that bicycles are available only on handling offices' business days.
Please direct all questions and comments to Sado Tourism Association Sado Tourist Information Center (phone: +81 0259-27-5000).

Handling offices

Ryotsu area

[Ryotsu] Sado Tourism Association Sado Tourist Information Center
TEL 0259-27-5000
[Sotokaifu] SADO Futatsugame View Hotel
TEL 0259-26-2311

Aikawa area

[Aikawa] Sado Tourism Association Aikawa Tourist Information Center
TEL 0259-74-2220

Kuninaka area

[Sawata] Niigata Kotsu Sado Tourist Information Center
TEL 0259-57-2121

Minami Sado area

[Ogi] Sado Tourism Association Minami-sado Tourist Information Center
TEL 0259-86-3200