Tokuwa Festival

A must-see neriage (ascension of a stonestairway) event at Tokuwa Shrine!

Two big lions (Ojishi) from Tokuwa Shrine and an Ondeko team from Suwa Shrine go out and parade through the streets from door to door. This area's ondeko is said to originate from mimes imitating miners' movements of digging for gold at the mines in Aikawa. Before noon, a pair of Ojishi and an Ondeko team gather at Tokuwa Shrine, and start neriage (ascension of a stone stairway). Accompanied by the Ise Ondo folk song and Kiyari (a work song), Ojishi and the Ondeko team steadily go up the stairs. This event induces an awe-inspiring, heated atmosphere.

  • Ondeko (Deity mask dance)
  • Big Lion
Starting time
8:00 am – around 7:00 pm
Event site
Tokuwa Shrine and Suwa Shrine in Tokuwa
Tokuwa, Sado, Niigata 952-0706
Contact Information
+81-0259-86-3200(Sado Tourism Association Minami Sado Tourist Information Office)
Transport Access
Akadomari Port Approx 10 by car
Nearest bus stop
Kajiya(Akadomarisen Line) 5 minutes on foot from bus stop
Not Available

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