Kasuga Shrine Takigi (bonfire) Noh Performance

Enjoy Takigi Noh at the birthplace of ritual Noh performances in Sado

Kasuga Shrine is considered to be the birthplace of Noh performances in Sado. This Noh stage was built by Nagayasu Okubo, a former Noh actor and Deputy for Sado (later the first Commissioner of Sado), and it was the site of the first ritual Noh performance dedicated in Sado. The present-day stage was transferred, to where it now stands, from the Hamochi area, by volunteer members of the community in 2006. Besides the mysteriously beautiful Takigi Noh, Sado's local performing arts, such as the folk songs "Sado Okesa" and "Aikawa Ondo" are also presented.

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Starting time
Event site
Kasuga Shrine Noh Stage
412 Aikawa Oritomura, Sado, Niigata 952-1582
Contact Information
+81-0259-27-5000(Sado Tourism Association)
Adults 2,000JPY / Elementary to high school students 1,000 yen
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 50 by car
Liner Bus
2019 Takigi Noh Liner Bus (Capacity: 40, Fare: 500 yen)
<Outbound trip>Depart Manoshinmachi Bus Stop at 18:25 - Hotel Yahatakan - Sawata Bus Station - Ryokan Urashima - Ryokan Iriumi - Inakujira Nishi Bus Stop - Hotel Meoto - Guest House Takimoto - Hotel Azuma - Ryokan Doyu - Hotel Oosado - Arrive at Kasuga Shrine (the getting-off point is on the beach side of the prefectural route) at 19:20
<Return Trip>Depart Kasuga Shrine (board on the beach side of the Prefectural Route) at 20:40 - Hotel Oosado - Ryokan Doyu - Hotel Azuma - Guest House Takimoto - Hotel Meoto -Inakujira Nishi Bus Stop - Ryokan Iriumi - Ryokan Urashima - Sawata Bus Station - Hotel Yahatakan - Arrive at Manoshinmachi Bus Stop at 21:35
*The fare is 500 yen for either one-way or round trip. (Fare for children: 250 yen)
*Please reserve your seat on the Takigi Noh Liner Bus by 17:00 on the day before.
*Reservations will be accepted until all seats on the liner bus (40 seats) are filled.
*The arrival time at each point may be delayed depending on traffic and customers' getting-on-and-off time. Departure time of the return trip may be changed depending on the ending time of the event.
*To reserve your seat on the liner bus, please call Niigata Kotsu Sado at 0259-52-3200.
Hagoromo(The Celestial Feathered Robe)
*The performance programme is subject to change. The venue may be changed in case of rain. Please contact Sado Tourism Association for details.

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