Sado FAQs


Transportation Q & A

What types of transportation services are available on Sado?

Route buses, regular sightseeing buses, rent-a-cars, rental bicycles and motorcycles are available. See the page on transportation on Sado Island for more details.

I’m worried about seasickness. Are there any good ways to be more comfortable on the ship?

Hunger may cause more severe seasickness, so, before you get on board, eat some food and take medicine for motion sickness. Once on the ship, the area near the stern is said to offer a smoother ride, so it is a good idea to lie down on your back in a cabin near the stern. If you start to feel sick, try to go out on deck to catch a sea breeze and focus on the horizon.

How long does it take to make a complete circuit of Sado Island?

It takes about seven hours without a break, but the roads alongside the coastlines are narrower than those on the mainland and have many tunnels, so it is recommended that you give yourself plenty of time.

Is it necessary to reserve ship tickets?

Except for second-class tickets, reservations are required for seats on car ferries on the Niigata-Ryotsu route. You can get on board without prior reservations if there are vacancies on the day of your trip. For details, see “About Reservations” on Sado Kisen’s website.

I’d like to take my pets along. Can I get on board with my pets?

You can, but there are some restrictions. For details, see “To passengers with pets” on Sado Kisen’s website.

Can I get to Sado by plane?

At present, flights between Niigata Airport and Sado Airport are not in operation.

I intend to stay on Sado for several days. Are there any discount bus tickets available?

One- to three-day, unlimited-ride passes are available. Click here for more details.

Sightseeing Q & A

When is the best season for sightseeing?

April 15th is the day of “shima-biraki” (the grand opening of the sightseeing season on Sado) every year, and spring festivals are held all over the island. So, starting from that day, when the sightseeing season officially commences, through autumn, is generally the best season for sightseeing on Sado. In recent years, however, trips for enjoying Sado’s unique winter delicacies have also become popular. Please enjoy Sado, to your heart’s content, throughout all the seasons.

What are Sado’s most representative sightseeing spots?

There are a large number of sightseeing spots on Sado, the island blessed with history, culture and rich nature: Sado Gold Mines,Senkakuwan Bay,Toki (Crested Ibis) Forest Park, Myosenji Temple,taraibune (washtub boats),Mt. Donden, Onogame, Hakuundai, Sawasakihana Lighthouse, and Ogura Dam, are a few of the most famous.

Is it possible to make a one-day sightseeing trip?

It is possible, although the places you can visit will, obviously, be limited, since the attractions are spread out across the island. Please utilize Sado Kisen’s well-developed transportation services, such as sightseeing buses, car ferries and jetfoils, to help you plan your journey.

In what season does the amur daylily (tobishima kanzo) bloom?

The best season for this flower is from late May to early June. At the Onogame outcrop, which is famous for its colony of amur daylilies, Sado Kanzo Matsuri (festival) is held on the second Sunday of June every year. You can enjoy a variety of Sado’s performing arts against the background of the blue sea and the yellow-colored carpet of kanzo.

I’d like to see some Noh Theatre performances. Can I see them anytime?

From April to October, many types of Noh performances, such as Takigi Noh (ritual bonfire theatre), are held at annual festivals. See “Event: Bonfire (takigi) Noh” for details.

Lodging Q & A

Are there any one-day visit onsen (hot spring) facilities?

You can enjoy day-trip hot spring bathing services at some hotels and at various onsen facilities.
Ryotsu district・・・Siizaki Onsen
Aikawa district・・・Wide Blue Aikawa
Kuninaka district・・・Niibo Katagami Onsen, Hatano Onsen Shousenkaku
Minami-Sado district・・・Ogi-no-Yu, Hot Spring Ryokan Kamomeso, Kurtherme Sado

Are there any campgrounds?

There are many campgrounds in various parts of Sado, including some that are free.
Ryotsu district・・・An Inn for Relaxation: Sashisuseso,Futatsugame Campground
Aikawa district・・・Vacation Village Sado Auto Campsite, Nyuzaki Campground
Kuninaka district・・・Auto (Caravan) Park Sawata, Kubota Campground, Niibo Dam Campsite
Maehama district・・・Matsugasaki History Park, Akagame Kazashima Nagisa Park
Minami-Sado district・・・Sobama Campground , Tsumenosawa Campground