Here we introduce courses to enjoy Sado's unique lifestyle, culture, and nature in a casual manner by bicycle. Enjoy a pleasant ride through Sado's scenery with your friends and family! Rental bicycles with electric power assistance, "Eco-Da-Chari," are also available.


Cycling Around the Largest Island in the Sea of Japan!: Take part in Sadoichi!

The circular course around Sado Island is popular among participants in the Sado Long Ride 210. The "Sadoichi" course, as it is commonly called, circles around the island, and offers a full range of cycling experiences, including the spectacular tropic-like seaside scenery, satoyama nature, and encounters with the local people. Cycling maps and ”Bike Stations” will support you in conquering Sadoichi. Challenge the largest island in the Sea of Japan!


Sado Bike Station

Bicycle parking facilities (bike racks) are set up at hotels, cafeterias, tourist information centers, etc. on Sado Island, and air pumps and simple repair tools are available for free rental. Stickers (image above) are posted at participating facilities, so please feel free to ask for them.
The Tourist Information Center also has a full lineup of rental bicycles, including e-bikes.

  1. Onokame Lodge (Negai)
  2. Sunrise Jogahama (Mikawa)
  3. Senkakuwan Ageshima Yuen (Kitaebisu)
  4. Aikawa Tourist Information Center (Aikawa San-chome Hamamachi)
  5. Minami Sado Tourist Information Center (Ogi-machi)
  6. Sado Tourist Information Center (Ryotsu Minato)
  7. Meotoiwa Drive-in (Takase)
  8. Dugout (Izumi)
  9. Umi-no-ie Sawata (Kawaharada Honmachi)
  10. HOSTEL Perch (Kawarada Suwa-machi)
  11. Hostel Tatsumiya (Nakahara)
  12. Guesthouse Shimanokaze (Mano)

How to get there

It is about 3 km from Niigata Station to Niigata Port, so if you have trouble unbundling your bike, we recommend taking a cab. You can bring a disassembled or folded bicycle in a bike bag on board as carry-on luggage. If the total length, width, and height of the bicycle exceeds 2 m, a separate baggage fee will be charged in addition to the passenger fare. Please note that bicycles cannot be loaded on Jetfoil without being disassembled.

Notice for Riders

  • There are few restaurants and convenience stores on the periphery of Sado Island, so you will need to get your fuel sources in the city centers such as Ryotsu, Sawata, and Aikawa.
  • There are many tunnels, so lights are essential even during the daytime.
  • The main road in the center has heavy traffic, so we recommend that you go through the satoyama area on the Circular Course around Osado.
  • Bicycle stores with a large selection of parts are not available on Sado Island. Please come prepared with your own special replacement parts for tubes and derailleurs.

Cycling Event Information

  • 佐渡ロングライド210

    Sado Long Ride 210

    This is one of Japan's leading cycling events with over 3,000 participants. There are five different courses to satisfy everyone from beginners to advanced riders. The quintessential goodies of Sado Island served at aid stations are one of the attractions of the event.

  • 佐渡国際トライアスロン大会

    Sado Island Long Distance International Triathlon

    The Sado Island Long Distance International Triathlon is held on the entire Sado Island as its venue. Many athletes from all over Japan and even from overseas participate in this event. The course is the longest in Japan, covering almost the entire circumference of Sado Island.

  • サイクルボール

    Cycle Ball
    Clear all stages and get The Grand Ball!

    This is an event in which participants use the cycling app "Tour De" to tour famous circumnavigations of the country. There are also great prizes for those who collect the Cycle Balls that are awarded for completing the course.


"Eco-Da-Chari" electric bikes can be rented at the Tourist Information Center:

In addition to buses, cabs, and rental cars, "Eco-Da-Chari" electric bicycles, are available for sightseeing on Sado Island. There are three types of bicycles available: the "City Type," which is easy to use, plus the "Sport Type" and "Sport Type Mini," which are cross bikes with electric power assistance.

  • エコだっチャリ スポーツタイプ(電動アシストクロスバイク)

    Eco-Da-Chari Sport-type

    This is an electrically assisted bike that can be comfortably ridden over long distances and on undulating roads with excellent riding performance.

    Starting at 2,000 yen for 2 hours

  • エコだっチャリ スポーツタイプミニ(ミニベロタイプ)

    Eco-Da-Chari Sport-type Mini

    This mini velo bike combines the best of both city and fitness types with light power and ease of use. Its stylish appearance is ideal for touring around!

    Starting at 2,000 yen for 2 hours

  • エコだっチャリ シティタイプ(電動アシスト自転車)

    Eco-Da-Chari City-type

    This is an easy-to-use electrically assisted bicycle. Available for rent at 5 locations on the island.

    Starting at 500 yen for 2 hours

What to bring when cycling

Eco-Da-Chari bikes are equipped with a simple bag or basket for carrying personal belongings (optional for sports type bicycles). Here are some recommended personal belongings so that you don't get in trouble during your cycling trip.

  • Cash
  • Health insurance card
  • Towel
  • Drinks
  • Cycling map

*Cycling maps are distributed free of charge at each tourist information center.

Precautions for Cycling

  • Regardless of the information on the cycling map, please obey all road traffic rules when riding on public roads.
  • When riding on rough roads, do not force yourself to ride, but get off your bicycle and push it along.
  • Do not use cell phones or earphones while riding.
  • Do not litter on the road and take it home with you.
  • Do not cycle side-by-side.