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With 280 km (174 miles) of coastline, Sado Island is bigger than you might expect! Before you come to the island, it’s a good idea to compare different options for getting around during your stay and decide the best way to travel for your needs.
The most popular option to travel on the island is to rent a car or bring you own. If you plan to drive on Sado, keep in mind that roads can be narrow compared to the mainland and have many tunnels. Coastal areas have few gas stations. Make sure to fill up well in advance.

Regular Bus Services

Contact Information

Niigata Kotsu Sado Inc.

+81 0259-57-2121

Sado has fixed-route bus services throughout the island run by Niigata-Kotsu. Prepare small change or a ¥1,000 bill before getting on the bus. The fare machine cannot accept larger bills, credit cards, cashless payments, IC cards such as SUICA, or foreign currency. Bus fares are calculated based on the distance traveled for each trip, with a minimum fare of ¥210 and a maximum of ¥840. 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day Passes for fixed-route buses are also available at a cost of ¥1,500, ¥2,500, and ¥3,000 respectively. Passes are sold online through the Jorudan App , at tourism information offices in Ryotsu, Sawata, and Aikawa, and Sado Kisen Niigata Port and Naoetsu Ports, and on the bus—please have the exact amount ready in this case. The Sado Niigata Pass— which is available for JR Pass holders— comes with one Three-day Bus Pass.

On some bus lines, you can hop-on and hop-off the bus wherever you like. This is not possible on the main Honsen Line, however, or on some of the other lines. Sometimes bus services are reduced depending on the season, and you might need to make some transfers, depending on your destination. Please make sure to check timetables in advance.

Sightseeing Taxi

Taxis are a perfect way to explore Sado in a small group. Customized sightseeing routes can be arranged to suit your preferences. An officially licensed driver will double as your guide to show you around Sado. Please note our drivers may not be able to to speak English. For booking, contact Sado Tourism Association, or book online: 3-hour Taxi Course, 5-hour Taxi Course.

Ryotsu area

Sado Kanko Taxi
+81 0259-23-4116
Minato Taxi
+81 0259-27-2181

Kuninaka area

Chuo Taxi
+81 0259-52-3161
Naito Taxi
+81 0259-52-2174
Taxi Department, Niigata Kotsu Sado
+81 0259-57-5123
Okesa Kanko Taxi
+81 0259-66-2030
Ebisu Kanko Taxi
+81 0120-2030-18

Minami Sado area

Niigata Kotsu Sado Island Taxi Department Ogi Office
+81 0259-86-2114
Niigata Kotsu Sado Island Taxi Department Hamo Office
+81 0259-88-2101

Aikawa area

Ebisu Kanko Taxi (Aikawa)
+81 0120-2030-18

Rental Cars

Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Sado at your own pace, and is one of the best ways to enjoy scenic routes on the island. We recommend you book in advance, especially during the high season. The following rental agencies offer online reservations in English:

Rental Car Services offering Online Reservations in English
Times CAR RENTAL: https://www.timescar-rental.com/en/
TOYOTA Rent a Car: https://rent.toyota.co.jp/eng/reservation/index01.aspx?keyword=sado
NIPPON Rent-a-Car: https://www.nrgroup-global.com/en/

In order to rent a car as a tourist in Japan, you should have your passport, a phone number reachable in Japan, and an International Driving Permit (IDP) which should be prepared in your home country before coming to Japan. Japan recognizes only international driving permits based on the 1949 Geneva Convention.

If you are from Belgium, France, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland or Taiwan, you must acquire an official Japanese translation of your driver’s license. A translation can be obtained from the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) (Link: https://english.jaf.or.jp/), or from some of the respective countries embassies or consulates in Japan.

Before driving on Sado Island, please be informed on the Rules of the Road, which may differ from your home country.


Ryotsu Area

Island Rent a Car
+81 0259-23-2455
Eki Rent-a-Car System
+81 0259-24-7050
Kigaru ni Rent-a-Car
+81 0259-58-8031
Sado Kisen Kanko Rent-a-Car
+81 0259-27-5195
Times Car Rental Sado Ryotsu Branch
+81 0259-24-7211
Toyota Car Rental Sado Branch
+81 0259-27-2100
Nippon Rent-a-Car Sado Branch
+81 050-1712-2867
Nico Nico Rent-a-Car Sado Ryotsu Port Branch
+81 090-1883-9747
Watanabe Sansho Rent-a-Car
+81 0259-27-5705

Kuninaka area

Minagawa Jidosha Hanbai (Motor Sales)
+81 0259-57-2425
JA Rent-a-Car
+81 0259-22-3133
H.S. Rent-a-Car
+81 0120-66-2170
TOKI Rent-a-Car
+81 0259-51-4500

Minami Sado Area

Sado Rent-a-Car Ogi Branch
+81 0259-86-3010

Motorbike Rental

Rental motorcycles or scooters can be a fun way to travel around the island during the warmer seasons. These agencies only have information in Japanese, and reservations should be made by phone.

Ryotsu Area

Rose Rental
+81 0259-23-2864
Sado Outdoor Base
+81 0259-23-2864

Minami Sado Area

Aburaya Rent-a-Car
+81 0259-67-7791

Bicycle Rental

When the weather’s nice, feel the fresh breeze while cycling the island! Traveling by bike is a convenient way to visit places within a short distance. E-bike rentalsare available from information centers in Ryotsu, Aikawa, and Ogi. Sado Outdoor Base also offers a selection of rental cross bikes.

Rental electric bikes "Eco-Da-Chari"

Bring your own Car to Sado

Bring your car directly from the mainland on the ferry. Decide your own route and take as much time as you like. If you are planning to travel with your vehicle from the mainland, please visit Sado Kisen's website for details.

Rental electric bikes "Eco-Da-Chari"

Your Own Car

A road trip is one of the most popular ways for families to get around Sado. You can decide on your own route and take as much time as you like, without worrying about your suitcases! If you are planning to travel with your vehicle from the mainland, please visit Sado Kisen’s website for details.