Sado Clean Certificate

What is the “Sado Clean Certificate”?

“Sado Clean Certificate” is a certification system directed at accommodations, restaurants, touristic facilities and shops to prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

So that travellers and locals can live together at ease, hand disinfectant is provided and extra thorough cleaning conducted.

Facilities with 1 star are taking the following measures:
– The preparation of disinfectant solution
– Check of the staff`s health condition
– Thorough cleaning and disinfection of spots and objects people touch often
– On top of the usual cleaning, daily disinfection of the toilets

Facilities with 2 stars are taking the following measures:
– Check of the staff`s health condition, measuring of the body temperature two times a day and the documentation thereof
– Taking countermeasures against droplet infection such as installing anti-splash screens and keeping a safe distance
– Accommodations need to check the guest`s health condition and body temperature
– In case of uncertainty regarding the guest`s health condition, coping measures will be taken

To those visiting Sado Island

We would like to ask for your cooperation.
– Wear a mask
– Wash or disinfect your hands
– Keep a safe distance to other persons
– Follow each facility‘s respective countermeasures

To be chosen as a safe tourist destination during the Corona Period, we were the first ones in Japan to produce a clip about “the new normal” as implemented on Sado Island. You can watch the video here: