LAST UPDATE:2018.12.13

French artist “Charles Munka” on Sado

Last year, on the recommendation of the France Embassy, the association has invited French artist Mr Charles Munka to Sado.

Mr Charles spent a month on Sado during the Winter season and during his stay, he deeply felt the pure kindness of the Japanese and was able to experience the unspoilt landscape of the countryside. The inspiration that he drew from his experience on Sado has now been realized into a piece of art.

The island landscape and performing arts which forms the bases of the idea for the art piece has been captured as a documentary. The documentary has since been released and we would like to show that to you.

The art piece is now exhibited at AIPORT. Please feel drop by and appreciate the art piece. Entrance fees are not required.


Charles Munka

Charles Munka was born in Lyon located at the South-eastern part of France. In addition to watching Japanese animations and Asian movies during his teens, influence from his artist uncle has played a role to in his choice to become an artist. He was 21 when he first came to Japan and began establishing his own art style.

Finally establishing his current art style, his art pieces are created by combining elements of Europe’s Arte Povera and Japan’ concrete, and Korea’s monochrome pictures.

With that, his background interweaved with the current internet culture has led to the pursuit of Charles’s own unique aesthetics.

While Charles has art galleries in both Hong Kong and England, he is currently based in Tokyo.