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“Noh theater performed at night by a fire”

Noh perfoemance in collaboration with classic Noh perfoemance, Noh-comedy and original dance will be played at Kasuga shrine in Aikawa area on 16th Aug as a pre-event.

You can enjoy major performers such as noh actor Mr. Tsumura and Mr. Ogasawara who have Important Intangible Cultural Property.

You will surely be attracted to the performance of Japanese Noh and Western ballet with opera, a Japanese wind instrument called ‘shou’, viola and Japanese drum.


“Noh theater performed at night by a fire”

<Date & Time>
Aug. 16 (Thu) approximately 19:00-21:00 / House opens 18:30
* General admission
* Entrance tickets will be handed out on 16th Aug from 4P.M. at Kasuga Shine to make entrance procession easier.
To enter the venue, please follow the instruction on your that entrance ticket number.

Sado Aikawa Kasuga Shrine Noh Stage

Adult 3,000 yen, Children (Elementary and middle school students) 1,500 yen

<Performers and Program>
Classic Noh “Funa Benkei”
Reijiro Tsumura (noh) and others

Kyogen “Busshi”
Tadashi Ogasawara, Hiroaki Ogasawara (kyogen) and others

Reijiro Tsumura (noh), Hana Sakai, Kenta Kojiri, Naoya Homan (dance) and others

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