LAST UPDATE:2018.08.13

The SADO-JOETSU Pass is on sale!

Planning to come to Sado for the Earth Celebration? Planning to take a ride on the taraibune? Arriving at Ogi Port where all the action is, this pass is recommended!
For the price of 7,000JPY for adults and 3,500JPY for children, total savings of more than 50% compared to if below mentioned(A,B,C,D) are bought separately.

This pass covers the following:
A.Echigo TOKImeki Railway Pass: 2-day pass
B.Return Bus Pass (2 single bus passes): Joetsumyoko Station – Naoetsu Port and Naoetsu Port – Joetsumyoko Station
C.Return High-Speed Car Ferry Coupons (2nd Class Cabin)
D.Sado Local Bus: 3-day pass

a.JR EAST PASS Holders
c.Hokuriku Arch Pass Holders

*Important Note: Pass is valid for 10 days after date of purchase
For more information, see the brochure below or go to the following site:

Sado City – Joetsu City Tourism and Sea Route Federation

Sado-Joetsu Pass