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Experience Village Festivals and Local Life on Sado Island Japan’s Island of Demon Deities

Tateno Village Festival Experience Tour on Sado Island

Demon drum dance “Onidaiko” is a traditional performing art found only on Sado Island. Performed at numerous festivals on the island, this dance is a form of prayer for bumper crops and family safety that simultaneously drives evil spirits away from village households.
Sado’s Village Festival Experience Tour series was created to give visitors the chance to feel like part of a regional community during its annual festival. We hope you’ll take this unique opportunity to enjoy a lively rural Japanese festival along with the locals!

【Tour Schedule】Apr. 13 (Sat)–14 (Sun), 2019 (2 days/1 night) Festival Held: Apr. 14
【Start】 Apr. 13 (Sat) 17:00 Tateno Community Center
【Finish】 Apr. 14 (Sun) 15:00 Tateno Community Center
【Event Venue】 Tateno Village, Ryotsu Area, Sado Island, Niigata
【Group Size】 Min 5, Max 8 people (first in, first served)
【Applications Close】 Apr. 6 (Sat), unless full beforehand.
【Accommodations Hotel】 Shiiya, Sado Island, Niigata
【Tour Fare】 18,000 yen (includes festival experience, 1-night stay with breakfast, cost of meals listed in itinerary)
*Participants must arrange their own transport to Ryotsu Port and Tateno Community Center (Tateno Kominkan in Japanese) on Sado Island. Tateno Community Center is a 10-min. walk from the nearest bus stop, Sansegawa.
*A portion of the tour fee will go to Tateno Village for their cooperation.
*Day-trip option also available (5,000 yen/person). Please inquire for details.
【Inquiries/Bookings】Contact Tatsuya Sato, Sado Tourism Association
Tel. 0259-23-5230 Email:
【Presented by】 Tokimeki Sado Niigata Tourism Zone