1. Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada (terraced rice fields)

Iwakubi Shoryu Tanada (terraced rice fields)

Rice terraces in Iwakubi, where rice is nurtured by crystal stream of mountains and gentle morning sunlight

The terraced rice field stretches in the mountains over 350m high in the Iwakubi area. The rice paddies have been passed down since around the Edo Period, and about 460 paddies remain until today. Making full use of the land with a steep slope, local people cultivate the rice fields in various size and shapes, which stretch to the top of the mountain like a dragon rising high into the sky. The scenery is particularly spectacular when the morning sun shines on the rice fields filled with water in early spring. The view from the viewing hut is also stunning.

Facility Basic Information

Iwakubi, Sado, Niigata 952-0857
For inquiries
Sado Tourism Association Sado Tourist Information Center: 0259-27-5000
Transport Access
Ryotsu Port Approx 45 minutes by car

If you travel to Iwakubi Shoryu terraced fields by bus, please be sure to check the timetables provided by Niigata Kotsu Sado as the service is very limited. The nearest bus stop is Iwakubi on the Iwakubi Line. http://www.sado-bus.com/route

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